We are safe.
Your information is confidential.
Trust us.

Crime Stoppers Victoria gives you a safe and confidential way to share information that you know about crime.
We don’t need to know who you are, just want you know.
With no phone or web tracing, we will only know your details if you choose to leave them.
Yes, we really are a confidential service.

What we do.

Crime Stoppers Victoria provides a confidential way to share crime information. We pass on the information you share to Victoria Police or other agencies to help resolve unsolved cases.

So if you see something, hear something or know something – tell us! We’ll make sure your information ends up with the right people.

Not sure if your information is 100% correct? Let us work that out.

Who we are.

Crime Stoppers Victoria is a not for profit crime fighting organisation that relies on the support of the community. We run community crime prevention campaigns throughout Victoria, with a focus on supporting Victorians where resources are limited.

We are not a part of the Victorian Government or Victoria Police. Our purpose and vision is to reduce crime and make Victoria a safer places for all members of the community. To do this, we work along side segments of the community and empower them to take control of crime in the area.

monthly statistics.

JULY 2021

Cash Recovered ($)
Value of Drug Seizures ($)
Value of Property Seizures ($)

Why share crime information?

First of all, we are not law enforcement. However, the information you provide us does get passed on Victoria Police or other agencies.

Secondly, you don’t need to be 100% confident in your information to leave a tip. All information is valuable so there should be no fear of wasting our time. If you know something, we want to hear it.

Finally, our easy online system means you don’t need to speak with someone over the phone if you don’t want to, you can be anonymous and you will be taken seriously. See some of our frequently asked questions about sharing information here.

So go ahead, leave a tip below.

what happens when you call us?

If you think you would feel more comfortable speaking to someone over the phone, watch this video to find out what happens when you make a phone call to Crime Stoppers.

contact us

Share Crime Information: 1800 333 000 or online

Marketing and Communications: [email protected]

Community Engagement: [email protected]